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The Association that Represents the Private Sector in Professional Wildland Fire Services

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The NWSA is National Non Profit Association with Chapter and Associate Members throughout the United States. We represent over 200 private sector contractors that have over 10,000 firefighters, and equipment available during fire season, and also available for Emergency Response. Some of our members have responded to Hurricane Recovery Efforts, Shuttle Recovery and other disasters.

NWSA has an outstanding training program, and a MOU in several regions to certify instructors according to the 310-1. We also have a outstanding reputation with the agencies in all regions.

Our organization is professionally managed by an elected Board of Directors, and has a full time Executive Director on staff.

NWSA members must sign and abide by a Code of Ethics.


  • Safety: (Safety is NWSA's #1 priority)

  • Ensuring that the industry is treated equally

  • Ensure that all firefighters are trained.

  • Creating a Professional Wildland Services Industry

  • Developing relationships with our partners in fire.

  • Voicing our concerns to the agencies, political representatives

NWSA Accomplishments

  • We have worked to develop and implement a National Crew and Engine Contract which has become a reality in 2001.

  • We worked to get the Engines/Tenders excluded from MSPA.

  • We have gained an invitation to sit at the table with Agencies on a Local, state and National level.

  • We have worked to develop relationships with key congressional leaders.

  • We have been invited to provide input on many congressional hearings, and by our local officials.

  • We are working to unify and create one major voice for all private Professional Wildland Fire Companies, ensuring that all resources we represent have a voice.

  • Provide professional services to the agencies for wildland fire.

  • We are the largest Association of Professional Wildland Fire Contractors in the United States.

  • We have created a National Database System that tracks and records all training data, and can be accessed by members to track event history.

  • Training that is tracked in the database can be accessed by the Agencies to verify identity and training records.

What Can NWSA Do For You?

  • Provide access to an outstanding training system

  • Local Chapter to deal with Local issues of concern

  • Provide a National Database/ ID card system for Instructors

  • Political strength when we need to voice our concerns

  • A Code Of Ethics that promotes respect for our industry

  • Discounts on equipment and supplies through our Sponsor Members

  • Annual Conference with Workshops & Guest Speakers

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • WEB site for information and news sharing

  • Leadership in Coordination and Cooperation between the Professional Wildland Fire Companies and Wildland Fire Agencies.

  • The Strength and Support of a National Fire Cooperators Organization.

  • Instructors can be Certified by Training Coordinator

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